The Beastmasters

Beastmasters #10 Test of the Beastmasters AKA Have things gone south yet?

Eleasis 10-11, DR 1492

Beastmasters #10

Upon arriving in Bryn Shander, the team headed to the center of town to speak with Markham Southwell, the Sheriff of the town. Along the way their guide, the deputy sheriff Aubrek, pointed out an inn and shops in the marketplace where the party could outfit themselves to prepare for the looming frost giant attack. Aubrek led them to the jails beneath the town hall where they found Markham working. Mal warned Markham of the potential attack from the fearsome giants and advised him to have his men prepare to defend their home.

Mal then pulled the sheriff aside and informed him of the news from Nightstone, and the fate of his sister, Semile. Crestfallen at the news of his sister's demise, the sheriff set to preparing his troops. He turned to Goliath and asked to speak with him later about the details on what had happened to his sister. Leaving Markham and Aubrek to their work, the company decided to seek out armorers and weapon-smiths to outfit themselves for a siege.

The team began their weapons search at Blackiron Blades, a local smith shop making affordable weapons and armor as well as a purveyor of adventuring gear. As everyone was about to leave to check out the other stores in town, a strange noise started coming from around the shop, drawing the attention of the shop keeper. As the party looked around, they noticed the young sorcerer cast a spell, creating a distraction in order to allow him to steal a set of fine pocket knives from a case in the store. The group quickly moved to the next shop, chastising Apa for his reckless actions.

They made their next stop in Rendaril’s Emporium, where a couple of patrons informed Bran and the Goliath about the shoddy quality of the Blackiron weapons, regaling them with tails of the weapons failing against a horde of yetis. Leaving behind the Emporium, the party split up. Aera went off on her own on "business" while Bran, Mal and Smoke sought out a tanner to work their cragcat pelts into usable winter-ware. The rest of the group headed to Kelvin's Comfort for a drink and to rest up.

Split the Party Time – will be dispersed in player secrets probably

After a while the party regrouped at the Inn, where Mal purchased a cask of firebrandy for the group to thank them for their efforts against the giants. One by one, some of the party retired for the evening, leaving only Turin and Malagoth to speak with Markham when he arrived. The Goliath poured the weary sheriff a drink and told him what had happened in Nightstone, offering his condolences for the man's loss. As Markham took his leave, Malagoth offered his services to help man the walls in the morning to keep an eye out for giants. 

Early the next morning, Bran and Mal went to retrieve their cragcat coats while the Dragonborn made his way to the southwest gate to check on the defenses. The rest of the group recovered from their drinking while the sorcerer rummaged through his things with a strange look on his face. Not long after that, the town shuddered under the monstrous, booming voice demanding "GIVE US ARTUS CIMBER!" Everyone began sprinting to the southwest gate, directing the priest of the the House of the Triad to get the citizens to safety. 

As Stark joined Markum and Aubrek a top the wall, he watched in horror as the Frost Giant revers positioned themselves around the walls of the city. Their horror was quickly interrupted by the sound of impacts from the north and east gates of the city, followed be the shouting of guardsmen warning that more are approaching from all around. Stark and Aera decided to join Markham defending the Southwest gate against 3 Giants and their winter wolves, while the rest of them moved north to defend the other gates.

As Stark and the Giants exchanged boulders and bullets, Mal and the rest were stopped in their tracks by a Frost Giant destroying the city. The wall was already breached…




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