The Beastmasters

DGRB #6 Crazy Wizards Come in All Sizes AKA One Bloody Month!

Flamerule 14-21, DR 1492

Session #6, here we go!

The cloud giant floated down from the twenty foot wide hole in the ceiling, a wide grin on his elongated, grey-skinned faced.  He was wearing a long blue wizard's robe with cartoonish gold stars sewn into them, and wore a pointy blue hat adorned with the same stars to match.  His bare feet touched the ground and he smiled brightly at the party.

"Welcome to my home," the giant said excitedly.  "My name is Zephyros."

The room that they were in was hexagonal in shape, with six brightly lit crystal spheres floating just below the ceiling nearly a hundred feet in the air.  A tall dining table and single giant sized stone chair towered over them.  The party gaped at the amiable giant wizard.

Zephyros told the adventurers that he had been sent to pick them up, but he was evasive about exactly who had sent him.  After Mal and Stark told the cloud giant that he parked his tower on top of the artificer's workshop, Zephyros floated back upstairs.  Seconds later, the party could hear more items being crushed beneath them, then suddenly silence as the tower floated into the air.  Zephyros returned to them and he told them he had been sent to pick them and take them to Bryn Shander.  The group asked him how did he know all of this.  He told them that he had been casting this spell that let him talk to other planes, and he had been regularly casting the spell to find out what he should do next.  Zephyros was told to seek the four of them out and take them where they wanted to go, which the cloud giant thought should be Bryn Shander.  He had piloted the tower to Nightstone, but the party wasn't there.  

Curious, Mal asked the giant if he could cast a spell that would let them know where Kella and Xolkin would be.  After doing some research, the giant returned (with a pet griffon named Liam resting on his shoulder) and told them that the tower could not take them to the pair of villians, since they were underground.  

The group asked Zephyros about himself, and the giant told them that he was a learned traveler, who liked to explore the unexplored and was currently doing a tour of the Moonshae Isles, and writing in his many many journals.  As he spoke, the giant seemed even more eccentric, as the topic of conversation seemed to bounce back and forth between many subjects, and the party also discovered that it would take 624 hours (or 26 days) to reach Bryn Shander.  "One bloody month," exclaimed Bran as Zephyros brought the party some food.

Zephyros floated back to the upper levels as the adventurers finished their meal.  Unexpectedly, there was a knock on the front door.  The group looked at each other as if to say, "What now?"

Aera answered the door to see a stern, angry, but beautiful human woman with long silver hair, surrounded by twenty heavily armed guards mounted on hippogriffs.  She asked to speak with the crazy giant wizard of the tower, RIGHT NOW.  The group asked "Who should I say is calling?"

The woman replied "I am Laeral Silverhand, Open Lord of Waterdeep and I demand to speak to Zephyros."  Recognizing the name and not wanting to anger the powerful spell caster, the group retreated inside and called out to the giant, who hurried to speak to Laeral. 

Zephyros joined the Open Lord of Waterdeep outside and shut the door, leaving the party behind.  They could hear Laeral chewing the giant out, telling Zephyros that he had promised that he would never fly his tower over Waterdeep ever again.  The wizard apologized and the two continued to talk at a lower volume, their words becoming a soft mumble through the doors.  Several minutes later, Zephyros returned and the hippogriffs could be seen flying away into the night sky.

The giant apologized for the trouble and the group decided to retire for the evening.  Zephyros tossed down four incredibly large pillows and a big blanket for the group to sleep on.  In the middle of the night, Mal woke up and noticed that Liam the griffon had come down from the upper levels and had cuddled up to Bran and Smoke.  

The next day, Zephyros told the adventurers that he had created a new spell, Create Spiced Food and Water, and fed the party.  The group asked the wizard about the rest of the tower, and Zephyros offered to take them on a tour.  

The second floor held a large giant-sized four-poster bed, a single floating orb that Zephyros called a navigation orb, and a large chest that Mal managed to hide from the aarakocra as the wizard carried them up to the third floor.  The third floor was an open aerie where Liam and three more griffons lived, all of whom were pets.  Zephyros said that the other three griffons hadn't been tamed yet, and let the party help feed the creatures.

Looking out of the aerie, the party noticed that they were out over the Sea of Swords.  Mal questioned Zephyros about his directions, who told them that this was the best way to go and no one threw things at you.  As the group finished feeding the griffons, the wizard created on the first floor stained glass windows with the group's likeness so that the party could see out of the tower.  Bored, Bran asked Zephryos if he could find any info on Ser Richard in his many journals.

On the morning of the third day, as the cloud giant's snores reverberated through the tower, the party observed nine feathered cloaked humans flying giant vultures approaching the base of the tower.  The figures were abnormally thin, as if they were starving themselves. Through the windows, the party observed the new arrivals as they landed on the cloud and dismounted.

Two of the men approached the great double doors and knocked loudly.  The others remained back, holding on to the reins of the vultures.  Mal answered the door, and the two Illuskan men introduced themselves as Amarath, who held a large bag with a smiling face stitched into it, and Nvon of the Elemental Cult of Air and that the Great Yan-C-Bin has sent them to parley with the powerful cloud giant wizard Zephyros.  Stark pulled out his Serenity Mark II and hid beneath the giant sized table, ready to fire at a moment's notice.

After a bit of back and forth, and not very successfully attempting to rouse Zephyros from his slumber, seven of the air cultists left their weapons outside and together with the two leaders entered the tower.  The party spoke with the cultist leaders, trying to ascertain what they wanted, while Aera picked the pocket of the two leaders.  As Aera robbed them, an invisible force slammed into the aarakocra's back, trying to prevent her from stealing.  A fight almost broke out as Amarath accused her as being a thief, but Zephyros floated down from the second floor and asked what the cultists wanted.

Amarath and N'von told the wizard that their god, Yan-C-Bin, had commanded them to convince the giant to join them in their quest to bring the world back to a primordial state of existence.  They had even brought gifts to give to the giant, but as N'von reached for his pouch, the cultist realized that it was missing and attacked Aera.

Stark let his new thunder cannon roar, to the amazement of Zephyros.  The two cult leaders cast hold person, command, and spiritual weapon as the other seven attacked with daggers.  Mal, Bran, Smoke and Aera retaliated and were able to make short work out of the cultists.  Their invisible attacker eluded them until Zephyros was able to bumble about, catching the creature, and taking him outside and booting him from the tower.

The adventurers had left Amarath alive, so Bran interrogated him as Mal and Aera clean up the mess that the melee had made.  Stark piled all of their belongings into a pile in the corner.  Mal and Bran lock the air cultist outside the tower.  Mal noticed that the bird had gone missing, and he asked Zephyros to look up information on frost giants in his journals so that he could look for him.  Aera hid beneath the giant's bed, as the giant sat on the bed, flipping through one of the journals, and then giving the aarakocra a sideways glance as the bird escaped down below.  

After Mal returned to the first floor and Zephyros returned to his studies, Mal took Aera outside and gave her a good talking to, telling her not to anger the cloud giant whose magic tower was currently keeping them alive and floating in the air.  As they were talking, Bran stealthily grabbed a pouch from Aera's belt, which contained sparkly dust.  Bran called out Aera for the theft, telling him that he can do it too, and Aera praised the ranger for the "good lift".  Aera told the group that the dust allowed him to fly without having to use his wings.  As the group was tossing the bodies of the cultists, and looking below for any land they could use to identify their position, Amarath decided to sacrifice himself to Yan-C-Bin. As he leapt off of the clouds, Stark fired Serenity and shot him dead, his lifeless body falling down to the ocean's surface.  

Stark cast detect magic on the items, discovering that the bag with the smiling face stitched into it was magical, and after casting identify, discovered that it was a bag of holding.  

Zephyros, amazed at the sound of Stark's thunder cannon, asked the dragonborn if he could fire the weapon thirty minutes after sunrise everyday, so aid the eccentric wizard in waking up.  The giant paid Stark for his duties.

Over the next several days, the party began training and bettering themselves, and reading some of Zephyros's journals, which were written in giantish.  The wizard was unable to find any mention of frost giants in the journals.  On the 11th day, Bran was outside the tower, letting Smoke run about, when he spotted in the distance a silver dragon holding a handful of dwarves in each claw making a bee line for the tower.





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