Tag: Howling Hatred


  • Amarath

    Amarath was one of the leaders of the group of Howling Hatred cultist who attempted to convince Zephyros to join their cause.  His companion N'von and the rest of his group were killed by the party and Amarath was taken alive and …

  • Nvon

    One of the two Air Cultists who tried to parley with Zephyros.  He was killed when he attacked Aera after discovering that the bird had stolen a pouch from him.

  • Elemental Cult of Air

    A small faction of the elemental cult that plagued the Sumber Hills in DR 1491.  The group worships the primordial god Yan-C-Bin and their goal is to see the world scoured clean by the winds and returned to a primordial state.  The group …