The Beastmasters

Beastmasters #12 Giant Hunting

Eleasis 15-16, DR 1492

The six adventurers recovered from the battle with Drufi and her frost giant soldiers at Kelvin's Comfort, resting in the large common room.  Mal gave a large sum of coin to Ogden Flamebeard to close up for the night so that the party could rest peacefully.  The next morning, the group discussed plans for tracking down the eight remaining frost giants who had quit the battlefield and fled to the west.  As they were preparing to leave, a loud knocking could be heard coming from the front door of the tavern.

Augrek's voice echoed up the stairs as she asked to see the giant slayers.  Ogden let her in and ushered her up to the common room.  The dwarven deputy appeared, manhandling six large parcels into the chamber. After dropping the packages onto the floor, she passed them out, giving each party member one.  Augrek told them as they opened the boxes that Markham had sent them yeti skin coats with scrimshaw buttons to help keep them warm in the icy northern winds.  "One more thing," the dwarf said, producing six star shaped badges that marked each one of them as a deputized agent of Sheriff Southwell.  

Grabbing their horses from the stables, the party left Bryn Shander by the southwest gate and began to search for the frost giant's footprints in the tundra.  Between Bran and Turin, the two rangers were able to quickly find a single giant's trail, with the pawprints of a winter wolf alongside.  Ranging left and right from the trail, the rangers realized that the giants had spread out over hundreds of yards, moving in parallel to the west.

After following the tracks for most of the day, the party discovered a large icy mound resting on top of the tundra.  As they approached, they noticed a large blue foot sticking out of the mound of ice and snow.  Circling around, the party saw the remains of a dead frost giant, his shoulder and neck ripped to shreds.  Looking closer, it appeared as if a sudden snow storm had covered the body of the giant.  Turin looked around and found the tracks of other giants who had converged on the dead giant, then scattered in all directions.

Malagoth began hacking the ice off of the dead giant, finding the creature's sack and also noticing that the giant's legs were broken.  The rangers zeroed in on a single giant's trail that continued toward the west.  The Beastmasters followed and discovered that the giant turned to the north, headed toward the town of Targos.  They continued to follow the trail as night began to settle across the dale.  Not wishing to camp in the open in the icy winds, the adventurers forged ahead.

After several minutes of trudging across the cold ground, the party could hear several creatures running at them full bore. Five yeti leapt out of the darkness at them.  The rangers fired arrows as Apa launched a fireball at two of them, engulfing them in flame. Smoke launched himself at one of the white furred creatures, knocking it to the ground.  Aera, taking advantage of the rangers attacks, pierced one of the yeti with his rapier.  Stark rushed in, wielding his great axe, but his attack missed wide.  Aera became paralyzed, falling victim to the yeti's mesmerizing stare.  Mal pushed the attack, lopping the head off of one of the yeti.

Stark continued attacking with his great axe, finally landing a blow, followed up by Crow, who latched his powerful jaws around the throat of the attacker, killing it.  Apa, having moved back from rushing yeti, cast three scorching rays against the creature next to Stark.  Arcane energies pulsed, causing the fiery rays to flare and singe the dragonborn.  Aera and Mal rushed the last remaining yeti, grieviously wounded it, but not quite putting it down. Stark dropped his great axe, and pulled out Mark II, firing once into the yeti's chest, killing it.

The party continued to follow the giant's tracks and soon the lights of the village of Targos could be seen at the southern edge of a large lake ahead of them.  The sky was cloudless, and a myriad of stars reflected off of its cold surface.  As they approached Targos, the rangers noticed that the tracks of the giant veered to the north, skirting the edge of the lake and avoiding the town.

Mal and Bran decided to ride into town to warn the guards of the giants as the rest of the party decided to rest on the gently sloping hill down to Targos.  The pair approached the wooden palisade and spoke with the town guards at the gate.  The guards told them that they hadn't seen any frost giants, but the guards found on the eastern shore of the lake giant hunks of ice that had been hollowed out.  Mal told the guards about the dead giant that they had found, and the guards told them that that was probably the "mad white dragon" Iceclaws. According to the guard's story, Iceclaws used to be ridden by a wizard in days gone by, but those who have recently sighted the dragon claim to see a skeleton mounted on the dragon's saddle.  At this news, the goliath and the ranger hurried back to the party's campsite.

1:27 (bookmark)

(List of things that happened but maybe not in the right order.)

Investigating the frost giant canoes and waking one up.  

Icedeath buzzing the party then eating their horses.

Returning to camp to see Bear Tribe Barbarians.  Most of the party held back, but Mal partied with them and discovered that they were searching the ice plains for the scoundrel who stole their princess's bridal tribal necklace.  Aera realized that she had been sold out.

The party returns to Bryn Shander. Aera confronts her guild contact about the betrayal and is told that being on the run was part of the test.

The adventurers collect Sirac (?) and head into the mountain pass back to Hundlestone and Fireshear.  They are attacked by a young rehemoraz as they are camping.




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