Kella Darkhope

Zhentarim Agent


Kella Darkhold is a female Chondathan human who was visiting the small village of Nightstone to visit the megalith that the villiage . She was trapped under rubble on the second floor of the Nightstone Inn during the giant’s attack, and was left behind when the other villagers left. She spent 2 days in the Inn waiting for the coast to be clear, but several goblins kept using the Inn as a base, coming and going, so she hid upstairs after freeing herself. From a hole in the floor of her room, she managed to shoot and kill one of the goblins who was looting the taproom, and the other goblins didn’t notice and didn’t even care when they found the body.

During the nighttime battle, a loud bang sent all of the goblins in the village scurrying out to see what had happened. Secretly, Kella followed and managed to shoot one of the goblins from behind as they were rushing south to attack the adventuring party who were making a stand at the bridge to the keep. Working her way around the east side of the village, Kella put down one of the last remaining enemies, then approached the party, staying with them in the keep for protection in numbers.

After accompanying the party to the Dripping Caves, Kella was involved in a standoff at the gates of Nightstone, when the Seven Snakes seized control of the village and demanded that the party give their weapons to Kella. Xolkin fired an arrow into Kella’s shoulder, causing her to fall into the moat around Nightstone. As the party fought their way into the village, Kella fled with Stark’s thunder cannon, Serenity, and met up with the Seven Snakes’ leader south of town. The pair were last seen riding south, away from the party and from Nightstone, Serenity strapped to her back.


Kella Darkhope

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