The Beastmasters

Beastmasters #11 Rage of the Ranger AKA Choke on my vengeance!!

Eleasis 11, DR 1492

Beastmasters #11

North of Bryn Shander's Southeast gate, the majority of the party, along with Sir Baric Nylef of the Order of the Gauntlet, were ambushed by a Frost Giant that had broken threw the wall. The group began to attack the giant, delivering blow after blow to the frozen invader. Suddenly, the giant reached into a nearby house and pulled out a villager from the second floor shouting "GIVE US ARTUS CIMBER!" Turin then drew back his box and loosed an arrow into the eye of giant, killing it and releasing the villager from it's grasp. 

Hearing the destruction and chaos in all directions of the city, Bran suggested that they should move through the broken wall and sweep south, flanking the giants and catching them off guard. Agreeing quickly, Mal and the rest followed the ranger outside of the wall while Apa tried to swipe a bag of the giant's possessions as he followed behind. 

Meanwhile, Stark had felled one of the winter wolves that had appeared and set his sights on one of the three approaching giants, eventually killing one with a shot from Mk-II. Below Aera and Sheriff Markham fought off the remaining winter wolf. After getting her rapier stuck in the wolf's hide, the bird was finally able of kill the beast, retreating inside with the wounded sheriff. 

As the giants approached and bombarded the wall with boulders, Stark and Sirrac, the priest of the House of the Triad, moved lower to heal Markham and regroup as the towers of the wall shuddered under the impacts of the giants' assault. Just outside the gate, Bran and the rest of the group moved to flank the approaching giants when suddenly they were met with another winter wolf hiding in the snow. After Baric was able to end the wolf with a swift swing of his maul, the goliath was struck by a boulder thrown by the assaulting giants, they had been noticed. Bran and Turin moved to heal the raging barbarian only to have Turin struck by a boulder as well, knocking him unconscious. 

As Bran stabilized his fellow ranger, the goliath began attacking one of the giants while Apa and Baric supported him from behind. While her subbordinate was occupied with the group to the north, Drufi, the Frost Giant captain, moved to the wall and began attacking Stark and the rest of those in the wall.

Aera and Bran moved to assist the raging goliath along with Baric and Crow, who was struck by a swing of the giant's axe knocking him unconscious as well. After Bran and Smoke were able to knock the giant off its feet for a moment, the giant whipped around and slashed at Smoke, knocking him away, near death. The ranger watched in horror as his companion lay motionless, and with a barrage of slashes ended the giant. He then rushed to his old friend as Drufi blew 3 times on her jeweled horn and turned to face the weary fighters. Knocking Aera out cold as well, the giant captain began facing Malagoth and Bran. All of the sudden there was a thunderous crack as Stark and the remaining forces in the wall charged the remaining, including Saric the priest who with a final strike of his dart, finished off the giant shouting "LEAVE MY FATHER OUT OF THIS!" As the dust of their battle settled, those who were still standing watched as the remaining 7 giants retreated form the city moving east towards the sea. 

As Malagoth and Stark took out their anger on the corpses of the attackers, Bran and Sirac revived those who had fallen in the battle. Mal then moved to check the other two gates of the city, discovering that they had not been breached, the city survived. As the rest of the team licked their wounds and searched the giants for any sign as to what brought them here, the goliath was still seething at monsters that continue to ruin lives across the realm. He decided to mount the heads of the 3 fallen giant soldiers above each gate to the city, proof to all that came to Bryn Shander of the threat these monsters presented and a warning to any giant that decided to assault the free peoples of the North. 

Watching in horror at the goliath's gruesome actions, the rest of the team decided that they would revive Drufi to interrogate her and determine what they were here for. As the Goliath returned, Bran woke the colossal captain and demanded answers. Drufi informed them that they sought the man who held the Ring of Winter, Artus Cimber. The ring was desired by the leader of the Frost Giants, Jarl Storvald, in order to bring about a frozen apocalypse to level the realm and allow the Frost Giants to rise as the new rulers of the world. After Drufi refused to give them any information on the whereabouts of Jarl Storvald, Bran turned her over to Malagoth, who made sure to make her death a painful one. 

The wounded warriors returned to Kelvin's Comfort to rest and recuperate. After recuperating, they moved to check in with Markham and Aubrek, as well as the the town speaker, Beldora of The Harpers, Sir Baric, and most importantly Sirrac. As it turns out, Sirrac was the son of Artus Cimber, and had not seen his father in a long, long time. The party decided that before they could even think about moving anywhere else to continue their search for the holder of the Ring of Winter, they had to hunt down and eliminate the remaining giants that fled East…

To be continued…



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